Heather Thompson
B.P.E., R.Ac., R.TCM. P.

Convenient NW Inner City
Banff Trail. Calgary, Alberta

Registered Acupuncturist; R.Ac (AB & BC)
Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner; R.TCM.P (BC)


Patient Fee Schedule
Effective June 1, 2014

In spite of inflation, our patient fees have not changed since before the 2008 recession. Over the last 6 years, every effort was made to keep the cost of treatments affordable despite challenging financial times. My costs to operate the practice have continued to rise, and my rates have not kept pace with those costs.

Effective June 1, 2014 we are adjusting our fees in the following categories:

Initial Visit - Patient History, Treatment & Report of Findings $140

Students Initial $115

Subsequent visits $80

Senior’s Rate (70 or over at date of visit) $70

Students $65

Dr Tan/Balance method tune ups $45

30 minute consultation $60
We will introduce multi visit pre-paid discount cards which will reduce the impact of these increases.

For other than initial visits, these multi visit cards will be available in 3, 5 and 10 visit combinations, and will allow the holder to pay reduced rates on our full range of services.
3 Pack
5 Pack
10 Pack


$15, $30 or $70
$15, $25 or $50
$15, $25 or $50

I am also introducing 1-on-1 sessions; fully private 2 hours of my undivided time. This will allow us to work with acupuncture, Aromatic Kinesiology, blocked emotions and a host of other skills I’ve accumulated and been honing over the years. The fee for these will be $150.00 and they represent a chance for deeper intensive work.
Note! There is no GST on acupuncture treatments but GST is still levied on all purchases of herbs.
I realize that a change in fees impacts everyone differently. My intention is to continue to provide quality care at rates in keeping with my costs to run a private practice. If for any reason the change in fees adversely impacts your ability to continue care I refer you to my friends at Cross Currents who run a community based practice and you may have already met them in the clinic.

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